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"Salt and Light" 4/25/23

Dear brothers and sisters,

The gods of this world will not save their people from destruction.

Jeremiah warned the nation of Moab "Flee, save your lives. That you may be like a juniper in the wilderness. For because of your trust in your own achievements and treasures, even you yourself with be captured; and Chemosh will go off into exile together with his priests and his princes." Jeremiah 48:6-7

Moab's achievements, Moab's wealth, not even Moab's god Chemosh could protect them from the judgement of God. Keep in mind, this was a nation that sacrificed humans to their gods. They were evil and they thought themselves untouchable. And I am sad to say, this is true of our nation today. Canada has sacrificed millions on the altar to our own lusts and we think we'll be just fine. But the arrogance of Moab would be the nation's downfall (Jeremiah 48:26, 42), for God declared "I know his fury... but it is futile; his idle boasts have accomplished nothing" (Jeremiah 48:30). The truth is that no individual and no nation can defy God and get away with it. "Vengeance is mine," the Lord says "and I will repay."

But God is not finished. God declared his wrath will be poured out upon Moab (and it was, Babylon would soon wipe Moab off the map). Yet God, after promising his wrath, declares "I will restore the fortunes of Moab in the latter days" (Jeremiah 48:47).

There is yet hope, for some of Moab.

There is yet hope, for the ungodly today.

Brothers and sisters, we know HIM, Jesus, the only hope for a crooked and twisted generation. The church is to be salt and light to a world that cannot see the judgement to come. Don't shy away from speaking about sin and God's judgement: talk with your co-workers and your neighbors and your friends. People are dying without hope in part because the church doesn't want to walk Jesus' path and warn people about the wrath to come.

This very week, you can talk with a co-worker or a friend. You could start by asking them what they think of abortion (call it what it is: the murder of babies), or about the alphabet soup madness (LGBTQ whatever it is now). Be prepared to share about what God thinks. Then ask them what hope they see for society, and share about Jesus. However, you do it, I encourage you to bring up and steer the conversations you have with people towards the gospel. Perhaps, you could even say, "I was reading about Moab (an ancient nation) the other day. Listen to this... what do you think?

In Christ's Service,


P.S. Facts about Moab: 1) Moab was the firstborn son of Lot born as a result of incest between the firstborn daughter of Lot and her father (Genesis 19:36-37).

2) Later when Israel was on their way to the promised land, Moab became a stumbling block causing them to sin (Numbers 22-25). 3) Ruth, King David's great grandmother was a Moabite, who turned to serve the living and true God. 4) Solomon like his forefather's in the wilderness was led astray by Moabite women to worship Moab's god Chemosh (1 Kings 11:7).

-- Matthew Deneault Pastor at Christ Community Fellowship "Making Christ known in our Community"

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