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"Opportunities" 2/28/23

Dear Church,

I want to see people saved. I want people to know the Lord and worship him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:20-24). I hope and trust that this also is your desire.

This week I want to briefly point us towards the means by which God works by His Spirit to seek and save the lost.

1 - Someone must speak 2 - God must work in the heart 3- They must respond in faith

If you turn in your Bibles to Acts 16, you will notice that Paul and his missionary team are on the road (v11) and they came to Philippi (v12). On the Sabbath they found a spot by the river where they saw an opportunity (v13). They stopped to talk with the women gathered there (v13) and there a woman named Lydia who came from a different city and who worshipped God believed the gospel (v14) and was baptized in obedience to Christ as a sign of her faith (v15).

What had to happen for this woman to come to faith in Christ?

God had to providentially work out the details of Paul's arrival and Lydia meeting.

Paul saw an opportunity.

Paul spoke the gospel.

The Lord opened her heart to respond.

Paul took an opportunity and spoke the truth.

God worked in Lydia's heart.

And she responded in faith.

This is the story of every Christian.

Someone spoke the word of God (whether spoken or written down)

God worked

They believed.

Our responsibility is to speak the truth with love. Then we need to entrust our work to God.

He will work in the hearts of mankind... He is working still today.

In Christ's Service,


P.S. I recently added "Christ Community Fellowship" on google as a church in Cardston. I would encourage you to search "church in Cardston" and let me know how easy it was to find. The more views and reviews we have the easier it will be for people to find.

... ... ... ... ... ...

Matthew Deneault Pastor at Christ Community Fellowship "Making Christ known in our Community"

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