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"Remembering the Resurrection" 3/26/24

Dear brothers & sisters,

As the Easter celebration approaches this weekend, remember that as Christians we celebrate Christ crucified and risen. 

Starting today (Tuesday) I want to invite you to join me in reading about the events surrounding Christ's death & resurrection.

Tuesday's Reading: Luke 19:28-48 (Jesus' entry into Jerusalem (which took place the Sunday before his death) and his cleansing of the temple the following day).

Wednesday's Reading: Luke 20:1-22:6 (In these two chapters, we are given a window into Jesus' teaching & ministry on the Tuesday and Wednesday following his arrival at Jerusalem).

Thursday's Reading: Luke 22:7-65 (Jesus' last meal, his betrayal, & arrest).

Friday's Reading: Luke 22:66-23:54 (Jesus' early morning trial & death). Note: We'll be reading through this passage together at our Good Friday Service (6:30 pm Friday evening @ the Tanner Centre).

Saturday's Reading: Luke 23:55-56 (Jesus, dead in the grave)

Sunday's Reading: Luke 24 (Jesus is risen. The Resurrection of Christ verified by many witnesses)

Note for families/couples: I would greatly encourage  you to take the time to read together and ask questions about what you're learning. See the link below for a fun way to share the story with young children.

Using Resurrection Eggs to Tell the Easter Story of Jesus (

Grace & Peace,


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