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"Our Daily Bread" 7/17/23

Dear flock of God, Every shepherd knows that lambs need their mother's milk to survive and every pastor knows that the flock under his care daily need the milk of the word to live. So, let me ask you, as one who cares, What are your Bible reading and studying habits? Do you eat the word of God daily? Do you eat mini bites here and there or big full meals of the word? Do you eat like your life depends on it or more out of a sense that this is what you're 'supposed to do'? Honestly think about the answer to these questions. Your answers reveal something of your heart towards God and His word. Now let me suggest to you a few beginning points and I would be more than happy to talk further if that would be helpful. 1-Set aside time to read the Bible DAILY. Preferably when you wake up or before you go to sleep, as this will consistently help you to orient your day around the Lord. If your work schedule allows, read during the day perhaps that means during a lunch break (or for mothers, during the kids nap time). 2- If you have children at home, read the Scriptures with them at meal times and/or bedtimes. Tell the stories in your own words or use a picture Bible while they are young and then read directly from the Scriptures and briefly explain them as they get older. Encourage them to memorize the word from the time they are young. Pick a Scripture to learn as a family and hold each other accountable. 3- Get a good translation for study, I personally recommend the New American Standard (NASB) or the English Standard (ESV) and ask yourself as you read, "what was the author's intent behind writing this, what is God saying to the original audience and how does that message relate to me now in light of the rest of the Scriptures?" 4- People learn differently, so consider using tools like audio Bibles and study helps like maps and illustrations, or keep a journal if you like to write. The truth is that we learn best when we not only HEAR the word preached, but also READ and WRITE DOWN and THINK ON and MEMORIZE and SING and PRAY and above all FOLLOW the word for only the one who does the word by faith in Christ has truly tasted the Bread of Life. 5- When memorizing the Bible: read it out loud over and over again and slowly cover up a few words at a time and try to say it (out loud) with the words covered, write it out several times, sing it if you're able make up a song -it's proven to help you remember. Whatever way you make a daily habit of reading the word, remember that the word of God is essential to life. To HEED the word is to trust and obey Christ and that is an every-day lifelong glorious calling. Grace & Peace, Matt P.S. I'd love to hear from you about how you make a daily habit of studying the Bible.

Matthew Deneault Pastor at Christ Community Fellowship

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